Break Up Or Patch Up - Moving On Or Getting Back Together After A Relationship Break Up

Published: 12th August 2009
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What happens when a relationship breaks up? You either move on in your life, or you can get back together with your ex lover again. Most people would move without knowing why they moved on, few would get back together, but unfortunately many will suffer for a long time because of the heart break.

The people who moved after a broken relationship are not necessarily "strong", they probably suffered the pains of break up as well. But they refused to accept that there may still be love between them and did not try to win back the love of their life. The lucky ones will be happy in a relationship again.

Whether you break up for good or patch up with your ex happens in a phase where one is vulnerable to depression. It's that time when one feels sorrow and anger at the same time and they take life changing decisions. They shouldn't make any decision in that state, because they won't be rational. You are usually in that state because you think you have lost your love and you may not find true love again. This is why before you move on and take important decision, you should try to win back your ex lover. Haven't you seen so many couples getting back together after breakups? Why can't you too?

Before you follow the steps to get your ex back, you must get yourself in good shape first. Stop locking yourself alone in yourself, stop refusing invitations to go out with your friends, and switch off that TV for God's sake! You're not a zombie, are you? You boyfriend or girlfriend left you, so what? There are plenty of fish out there and you are going to try to win back your boyfriend or girlfriend. Whatever be the otcome, you know you have tried to get him or her back.

When you do get out of this state of loneliness, depression and desperation, you will see life further from your ex. Those desperate are likely to call their ex and beg for forgiveness for no reason. This act will show how weak you are and I'm sure your lover didn't fall in love with you because you are weak.

The things that are hardest to get are usually the most wanted. That's why you must make your ex believe that you are hard to get (even though you want to get back with her or him very badly).

Your ex will want to come back to you when he or she remember the good moments spent together. And this can only happen if you give your ex time to miss you, not by constantly "stalking" your ex with blank calls, missed calls and text messages. Stay away from him or her for a few weeks, let the person feel the hollow in his or her love life. At the same time, you will also get the time to do some thinking on your own, whether you really want to be back with the ex or it would be better to move on.

The Magic Of Making Up has helped thousands of people suffering from relationshi breakups, around the world. It will help you assess the positive and negative things about your ex, so that you can decide for your self what is the right thing to do in the end - that is, break up or patch up!

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