How To Know If Your Ex Still Loves You And Wants To Get Back With You.

Published: 13th August 2009
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It's been months since you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but you can't stop loving him/her. Chances are that your ex still loves you and wants to get back with you too. The truth is, being in love doesn't have an on-off switch that one can just switch off after a break up and stop loving the other person. Love is not forgotten in one day!

Even though it may seem to you that your ex has moved on, it may be that he or she is just hiding the real emotions. It is usually the case when relationship breaks. But no matter how much the other person tries to hide the emotions, there can be signs that your ex still loves you and wants to get back with you.

You should also take into consideration how long has it been since you broke up. Like I said, it's nearly impossible for someone to just turn off their feelings right after a relationship is over. For some people, it can take months, and for other even years to get over a break up.

If your ex is really hiding the feelings for you, ask yourself why he or she might be doing it. There are some important questions to ask when your trying to know if your ex still loves you. Then, you can take the steps required to win back your ex.

It's very important that you don't come off as being desperate to get back together. For example, don't flood their mobile with missed calls and text messages saying sorry and begging for forgiveness. You have your self-respect and you must appear as a strong person, just like your ex may be hiding his or her emotions to you.

Getting Back Together

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